Freelancing Days: Being My Own Boss

Many people think that being a freelancer means you get to sit home all day and work in your pajamas but that is not as sweet as it sounds. As the author puts it – “Being a freelancer is basically like a roller coaster. There are a lot of ups and downs and you are screaming all the way during the crazy ride!”

This book takes you behind the scenes of the author’s journey as a freelance web designer. Tejas Mayekar has depicted his journey in the form of a story that includes his small milestones, failures, and his learnings. This book will also demystify some of the common myths that people have regarding being your own boss.

If you are planning to become a freelancer, this book will be a great help and it will set you off on the right path. Even if you are just a 9-5 job person, you’ll have a good laugh and will definitely find value in this book as well!