Who is Tejas Mayekar?

Hey, welcome to my personal blog.

I’m Tejas Mayekar, an entrepreneur, and a professional web developer. I was born on 2nd October 1999 and currently, I am residing in Mumbai.

Early Days

I had a huge fascination with the internet since my childhood. Whenever I would get a device that had access to the internet, I would try to browse the web. Now that I think about it, it brings backs a lot of good memories. The 10-year-old me was blown away when I found that I could look up any sort of information and message my friends through Facebook using a phone and the internet.

Back then, I was really good at drawing and would draw Ben 10 characters all the time! Being a creative kid at school, I won many drawing competitions including the All India Camlin Drawing competition in 2003 (2nd place).


Earlier, I used to be a resident of JNPT Township located in Uran thus, I studied in Jawaharlal Nehru Port Vidyalaya (IES) till 5th grade.

After that, I moved to Panvel and as a result, I had to join Mahatma School of Academics and Sports. That’s where I studied till my 10th grade. I’m very proud to say that since I scored well in my 10th grade, I got admission in one of the reputed junior colleges in Vashi, Navi Mumbai – St. Mary’s.

Since I was good at science, I opted for the science side and passed out of St. Mary’s Juinor college.

Currently, I’m am an undergraduate studying at Pillai College of Engineering, New Panvel. My major is Computer Engineering. Here’s my Linkedin if you want to learn more – Tejas Mayekar Linkedin.

I also have a Google Scholar profile which you can check out here – Tejas Mayekar on Google Scholar.


As stated earlier, I loved surfing on the internet and was very well interested in getting my own website on the web. Therefore, I created my own blog using Blogger and started posting about technology-related stuff. To my surprise, one of my posts got picked up by Google and it was ranked number one for the search query – How to install ARM Native Code Apps on YouWave. My blog started gaining a lot of traction which was more than enough to continue my blogging journey.

Later on, I created multiple blogs including Binarybitt and Creativity Explode. These blogs received a great response from the public and helped many people.

You can check out my blogger profile here – Tejas Mayekar Blogger.

Eventually, when I got into web designing, I temporarily discontinued all of my blogs since I wanted to focus on building a solid foundation for web designing.

Web Designing

After completing junior college, I started learning the basics of building websites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.etc. It was really interesting to learn and create various web pages and style them using CSS. I was more inclined towards the front-end i.e, the designing part of the webpages. Thus, I taught myself graphic design since it helps to create the primary designs of the websites before doing the coding part.

Soon I got really good at it and decided to try my luck in freelancing. I really wanted to help people with my knowledge to get their business online. That’s why I registered for a reputable platform for freelancers.

If you want to know more about my freelance journey, consider reading my book – ‘Freelancing Days: Being My Own Boss by Tejas Mayekar‘. Overall, I had both positive and negative experiences but most importantly, it introduced me to the corporate world.

I also got an opportunity to work with Google and Facebook in their UI/UX test cycles which consisted of testing their new products and apps. It was truly an amazing experience. I did my part very well and got appreciation from both the parties. I have outlined my learnings in this book – ‘Destroyed In Seconds: 10 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Website by Tejas Mayekar


After over two years of industry experience, I wanted to impart my knowledge to other people as well. Thus, I started writing books regarding my experience. Currently, I have published two books.

Books published by Tejas Mayekar –

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Well, that’s pretty much my basic information. Thanks for stopping by!

Tejas Mayekar
That’s me, Tejas Mayekar!